Many Companies Redo Their IT Infrastructure

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Organizations are carefully examining the state of their IT infrastructure as they dedicate themselves to a digital transformation, according to a recent survey from SignalFx. With this transition considered a primary strategic goal for many businesses, CEOs are often taking the lead in preparing for this major change. However, both CIOs and their teams are also playing critical roles. To ensure success, companies are adopting virtualization and containerization solutions, hosting infrastructure in the cloud and deploying automation solutions, among other steps. With these steps, survey respondents feel very confident about what lies ahead. “Digital transformation is very much a business objective,” said Karthik Rau, CEO of SignalFx. “But, in order to succeed, organizations must have a strategy that includes the tools, platforms, processes and people to ensure an operational transformation. True transformation requires rapid and ongoing change to keep up with the market, promote innovation and handle massive scale. We … were pleased to discover that there is significant investment being put into readiness measures related to modern infrastructure and architecture.” More than 215 IT professionals took part in the research.

Ready to Go

92% of the IT professionals surveyed said they believe their IT department is prepared to make the changes needed to enable a digital transformation.

Modern Times

43% said their app architecture is primarily focused on digital, cloud and distributed, and 21% said they are transitioning from traditional tech to digital.

Total Accountability

95% said their role impacts the success of their company’s digital transformation.

Taking Charge

24% said their CEO leads the strategy for preparing IT infrastructure for a digital transformation, and 15% said their CIO leads.


57% said their company is adopting virtualization and containerization technologies to enable a digital transformation.

Primary Focus

79% said their organization has implemented a strategy to optimize IT infrastructure to enable a digital transformation, and 66% are conducting an analysis of current infrastructure to do so.

Looking at Clouds

53% said their organization is hosting infrastructure in a public or private cloud to pursue a digital transformation.

Quick Click

47% of the respondents said their company is deploying automation solutions.

Proactive Measures

42% said their organization is integrating open-source middleware, while 36% said their company is adopting application lifecycle management.