How to Be Influential: 10 Ways to Get Your Ideas Heard

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You have ideas. You have great ideas.

But when you try to share those ideas, it seems like no one will ever listen to you.


After navigating sticky business situations all over the globe for the past 10 years I learned that whenever someone can share an idea effectively, that idea gets heard. When ideas are heard they are processed. When they are processed, they are acted upon.

The problem is that often the best ideas never get heard.

The way to solve this is to become a better communicator. Most people think they need to learn how to craft a better message, or learn say things a certain way. That is only half the battle. The hidden secrets the world’s greatest communicators use go much deeper.

These are the secrets to becoming a better communicator:

1. Ask More Questions

One of the most effective forms of communication is to ask questions. The ability to ask great questions and listen carefully to the responses is major step to becoming a better communicator.

2. Consistency Wins

Actions speak louder than words. Communication is as much an action as anything else. Act your truth. Do what you say you will.

3. Be Flexible

Often we communicate to influence or persuade, this is only half of it. True communication involves being willing to look at another’s point of view. When someone feels you are on their side, your interests suddenly become theirs.

4. Show Respect

We are all humans. We all have feelings and are striving for acceptance and success. Be respectful of everyone and show that you are honest in your intentions. Respect creates respect.

5. Connect First

Find a reason that links you to the other person or group. Don’t fake it. Ask enough questions until you find a reason to keep talking.

6. Don’t Fake Interest

Be Interested in others. Ask better questions. Be truly curious. The more curious you are the better your communication becomes.

7. Find Hidden Meaning

Instead of taking things for face value, look for what isn’t being said. Look for the meaning behind the meaning. If you think you know the meaning, question that assumption. Ask more questions. Get clarification and stay curious.

8. Listen to Learn

Stop thinking about what you want to say. Pausing to respond is ok, let it happen, Make sure you are truly listening when others are talking.

9. No One-Way Streets

Save the monolog for Shakespeare. The best communicators initiate a dialog by listening and inviting others to share thoughts and feelings.

10. Sincerity Shines Through

We all can spot a fake, eventually. Never let that be you!

Bringing it all Together

When you adhere to these secrets of communication your ideas will be heard. Not because you pushed hard enough, but because those around you pull them from you and want and value your opinion.

The more you communicate you care, concern, and interest the more they will trust you… and the more you are trusted, the more likely your ideas will be taken seriously.