How Custom Tech Boosts Sales Team Performance

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While companies are spending trillions on digital sales tools, the vast majority of sales teams aren’t taking full advantage of these investments, according to a recent survey from Accenture Interactive. The report, titled “Empowering Your Sales Force: It’s Not Just Automation, It’s Personal,” indicates that most sales professionals feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products they use, and most said these solutions aren’t designed to actually improve performance. What they really need, findings reveal, are tech tools which are customized for their specific markets, requirements and preferences. “When designed through the eyes of the sales rep, sales tools can match the way salespeople sell and engage in the customer dialogue—they are no longer just providing features that are largely reporting and tracking focused,” according to the report. “They are personalized, and are easy to use (and) they are dynamic and flexible enough so that sales reps can customize them to their specific needs. The optimal customer engagement is supported by data that, like an engine room, serves up the package of information and insights to influence and engage the customer at each stage of the conversation. How the tools deliver the personalized service, or which technology is used, is irrelevant to the sales force.” More than 800 sales pros took part in the research.