Why IT Often Doesn’t Meet User Expectations

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IT managers said they make a wide range of efforts to boost the productivity and effectiveness of their users, but many users don’t think the technology department is aligned with the needs of the business, according to a recent survey conducted by Forrester Consulting for Nexthink. The accompanying report, “Mind the (Perception) Gap: How Misaligned Perceptions and Priorities Create a Fissure Between IT And End Users,” indicates that a significant number of employees are much less confident in IT than IT is in itself. The vast majority of IT managers, for example, believe they prioritize user satisfaction while aligning the tech department’s agenda with that of the business units, but only a minority of employees said this is the case. IT managers and users express similarly contrasting perspectives with regard to the need to boost productivity, deliver new initiatives and reduce tech-related work disruptions. “[There’s a] growing divide between IT and the business,” said Vincent Bieri, co-founder of Nexthink. “As this divide grows, so too does productivity loss, which is costing enterprises millions of dollars and unimaginable aggravation. Often, IT is delivering services without user visibility, which creates a lot of problems in terms of quality, costs and change management. It’s vital for IT executives to get to the root of this gap and rethink the ways in which IT teams collaborate with end users and receive feedback.” A total of 100 U.S. IT managers responsible for user monitoring and 300 office workers who use computers daily in their jobs took part in the research.