Why Few Data Centers Are Fully Optimized

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Very few tech executives feel that their IT operations are running at an “optimized” level, according to a recent survey from Datalink. The resulting report, titled “Data Centers in Flux: The IT Optimization Challenge,” indicates that many of these execs feel that they need to expand cloud initiatives to reach a higher state of performance. They’d also like to gain new skill sets in the tech department while consolidating apps—the latter because there are literally hundreds of apps in use within their organization at any given time. In addition, they’re intently focused on data center operations, as they seek to reduce dependencies on corporate-owned data centers in favor of outsourcing/colocation options. “Most IT organizations today are overwhelmed by the need to keep up with new technologies and an increasing number of applications, balance day-to-day operations with new IT initiatives, and simply do what they need to do to improve the way they manage workloads,” said Paul Lidsky, president and CEO of Datalink. “The result … is that they aren’t operating at peak efficiency or able to take advantage of opportunities to close the (tech) optimization gap between current and desired state. Modernizing and streamlining the data center is imperative for IT departments in order to deliver the agility and flexibility required by their businesses, both today and in the future.” More than 100 IT execs took part in the research, which was conducted by IDG Research Services.