Three Compelling Reasons Why You Need A Mentor

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Find the Jobs to your Zuckerberg.

 Three Compelling Reasons Why You Need A Mentor

Apple and Facebook are the two biggest success stories of our times. Among other unique leadership traits of their respective founders, it is popularly known that former Apple Inc CEO the late Steve Jobs and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg enjoyed a mentor-mentee relationship.

When Jobs passed away in the fall of 2011, Zuckerberg paid him a tribute on his Facebook page. Zuckerberg noted, “Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world. I will miss you.”

It is often amazing and wonderful to see what a mentor can do for you and your business. Here are three strong reasons why you should have a mentor:

1. Been there, done that

A mentor comes into the picture with unparalleled experience and wisdom. As an outsider, he will have an objective view of things that you might miss being an insider. A mentor is generally someone senior, who has tread the path that you wish to tread already. He might be able to predict unforeseen pitfalls or upsides to your decisions or course of action. He may also be able to suggest an alternate course of action stemming from his past experience.

2. Opens many doors for you

One of the strongest plus points of having a mentor is that he/ she will have several more connections in the industry than you can think of. You would have met certain people at random networking events while your mentor would probably know those same people at a personal level.

His achievements over the years would have earned him friends and peers in the industry, who would respect him and willingly open doors for him. The same could happen for you with a positive referral from your mentor. Their backing your work could help you grow your business by helping to gain new customers as well as business partners.

3. Inspirational presence and support

Sometimes all you need is a person to turn to for any of the following reasons – to push you forward to take a risk, to give you a perspective different from yours, to validate a decision or simply to offer -emotional support by sharing your failure/ success.

A mentor can play all these roles and be more in your life. Simply put, a mentor is someone whom you aspire to be like in your life. It’s easier to achieve your goals when you have a live role model in your life.

So are you ready to don the hat of a mentee?