The Rise of Cyber-Crime as a Service

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This year began with explosive growth in ransomware domains, according to a DNS threat index, driving an all-time high in new malicious domains. The threat index, which measures the creation of malicious DNSs including malware, exploit kits, phishing and other threats, was created by Infoblox, the network control solutions provider. “There has been a seismic shift in the ransomware threat, expanding from a few actors pulling off limited, smaller-dollar heists targeting consumers to industrial-scale, big-money attacks on all sizes and manner of organizations, including major enterprises,” said Rod Rasmussen, vice president of cyber-security at Infoblox. “The threat index shows cyber-criminals rushing to take advantage of this opportunity.” The Infoblox DNS Threat Index tracks the malicious DNS infrastructure through the registration of new domains and hijacked, previously legitimate domains or hosts. Its baseline is 100, the average for new DNS-based threat infrastructure during the eight quarters of 2013 and 2014. Here are highlights from the Q1 2016 Infoblox DNS Threat Index Report.