Software Cloud Deployment Is Ready for Primetime

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With Gartner predicting that the cloud will emerge as the default option for software deployment by 2020, a clear majority of organizations have either already made this transition or are planning to do so in the near future, according to a recent survey from Adaptiva. The resulting “2016 Cloud Software Deployment Survey” report indicates that companies are benefiting from multiple advantages through this migration: They’re able to eliminate on-site infrastructure while deploying software faster, according to the findings. In addition, they reduce administrative burdens while lowering costs overall. And, not to be overlooked, IT pros said the cloud makes their jobs easier. (Happy staff/happy CIO, right?) There are, of course, organizations that are holding back. For some, security risks create concerns. But many also struggle to hire the kind of staffers required for this transition, and others have reservations about maintaining enough control over their software distribution. The findings also indicate that—while the deployment of software in the cloud appears to be headed for “all systems go” status—the same can’t be said for a systems management migration, at least for now. More than 325 IT pros took part in the research.