IT Balancing Act: Daily Operations Vs. Innovation

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The line between business and technology strategies has begun to blur, according to a new study, and IT personnel increasingly operate at the core of their organizations. As a result, IT leaders face two sets of challenges: executing day-to-day IT operations efficiently and cost-effectively, and developing the technological foundations for innovation and future growth, according to the “2017 Intelligent Technology Index” report from cloud and service solutions firm Insight. But IT executives must find the right balance. If they focus too heavily on one, they may neglect the other, so they must balance today’s priorities with future demands. “IT leaders may be showing improved optimization around their ability to manage their IT infrastructures today,” said Steve Dodenhoff, president of Insight U.S., “but they are also equally as apprehensive about the future. …They not only need to operate to meet today’s business needs, but they also need to navigate emergent technologies, applications and complex data environments.” The survey, conducted by the Market Insights Group, sampled 401 IT professionals with decision-making responsibilities. Following are the report’s highlights.