IoT in retail a win for companies and customers alike

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IoT in retail helps BJ’s deploy new customer service

BJ’s Wholesale Club deployed Zipit Wireless’ Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution to improve order processing and fulfillment efficiency across all its 213 locations. “There’s no human interaction between the order and then pulling the inventory,” said Frank Greer, Zipit Wireless president and CEO. The solution integrated with the existing order management system at BJ’s, which enabled the company to leverage its existing processes and achieve a quick deployment.

The service at BJ’s based on Zipit technology is called “Pick Up Pay.” It helps customers who prefer to shop online, but want the convenience and immediacy of in-store pick up. Customers can go online to order any item, but the service is especially geared towards purchases that are large and bulky. Customers can also shop in the store and then combine those products with the ones ordered online; they pick up and pay for everything at the point of sale.

“We are offering our members total freedom of choice regarding how they shop at BJ’s Wholesale Club,” said Bari Harlam, executive vice president of marketing and membership for BJ’s. “Our new Pick Up Pay option combines the at-home convenience of online shopping — including guaranteed product availability and our affordable pricing — without the wait for shipping and delivery.”

According to Noor Abdel-Samed, vice president of omnichannel at BJ’s, the trial the company performed with Zipit “confirmed mobile applications work even better than expected, and the unique Zipit priority messaging feature ensured that appropriate attention was given to incoming orders.”

In its report, Grand View Research defined omnichannel retailing as one of the emerging factors it expects to fuel the growth of IoT in retail over the next seven years. Omnichannel retailing offers seamless and flexible shopping experiences to customers by integrating and aligning channels. It also gives retailers opportunities to capture more sales while increasing loyalty and brand awareness.