Do IT Teams Do Enough to Prevent Problems?

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The majority of IT managers’ departments are operating in a chaotic state when it comes to IT service delivery, according to a recent survey from TeamQuest and Kelton. The resulting “Global IT Management Survey 2016” report reveals that tech staffers deal with a half-dozen unexpected issues per week, requiring a considerable amount of time and manpower to remedy. Most departments also need to respond to cloud outages that could be avoided through better IT health and risk management efforts. Given this, tech managers said their teams devote very little time to proactive, improvement activities, such as data management and IT risk avoidance. More automation of IT operations would help in terms of “working ahead,” but very few organizations are investing in this. “IT departments around the world clearly need to up their game when it comes to improving systems’ health and processes,” said Paul Hesser, CEO of TeamQuest. “IT managers and teams the whole world over need to thoroughly evaluate whether or not they are doing enough to prevent IT outages and inefficiencies from costing businesses money. By thinking ahead of time, IT departments can nip potential problems in the bud, saving time and reducing costs in the long run.” Nearly 320 global IT managers took part in the research.