CIO Summit APAC 2013

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CIO Summit APAC 2013


Sep 24-26, 2013

Venue: SkyCity Marriott Hotel

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Never before has the role of the CIO been so imperative to the success of the enterprise. Turbulent market conditions over the past few years have undoubtedly transformed the scope of business, with detrimental effects on SMBs and global giants alike. Now more than ever, organisations recognise the significant advantages provided by highly innovative and efficient technology infrastructures, creating immense pressure for even the savviest CIOs.

In 2012’s predicted upturn, IT spend is forecasted for worldwide growth, though it is clear some regions fare better than others. While traditional leaders in the US and Europe struggle to balance cost, risk, and growth with only a small increase in spend, Asia is positioned for business excellence, with growth positioned at 6%, higher than any other region in the world. Though the figure varies by country (8.5% in China, 5.4% in India and Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan 4.3%), it is clear that Asia is outpacing its global competitors. Even more promising is the forecast for technology in Asia, with IT spend estimated at a monumental US$18 Billion in 2012. And with this positive outlook, CIOs in Asia know that 2012 is the time to drive forward ICT strategies not only to optimise infrastructure, but to create opportunities for increasing revenues at exponential rates.

After feeling the blows of the economic slump, Asia is rebounding rapidly – but not yet out of the woods. Organisations in the region must cautiously prepare for growth while evolving their methods of technology implementation. In 2012-2013, CIOs will actively strategise their accelerated IT spending to most effectively balance cost and risk while pursuing significant growth. In order to do so, they must carefully examine and determine which technologies are thriving in the impending upturn, and which will provide their enterprises with substantial competitive edge on a global scale. Forward-looking companies must look at applications which will both optimise efficiency and eliminate hidden costs. Technologies such as CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Business Process Management will be leveraged as a critical driver of value. Investments in improving these areas, when done correctly, will be critical in transforming how the business operates.

The CIO Summit Asia is designed specifically with the CIO in mind to assist forward-thinking CIOs as they meet demands of transformation and prepare for the impact their role will have on the overall success of an organization’s value chain. CIOs, CTOs and other top-technology executives will be present to explore the emerging disciplines critical to organizational effectiveness in order to compete on a global scale.

The CIO Summit Asia – created by GDS International – will bring together CIOs who are currently investing in innovative solutions that will positively impact their bottom line to meet with solution providers who will need to position themselves at those precise IT investment hot-spots in order to reap the benefits.

Now more than ever, CIOs will only respond and commit to those solution providers who can link tangible cost benefits with the solutions they provide. The CIO Summit Asia will provide this vital means of communication and provide and ideal framework for new business relationships to flourish.

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