Big Dip 2013 (Big Dip 2013)

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Big Dip 2013 (Big Dip 2013)

Sep 17-20, 2013

Venue: Revere Hotel

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Across the pharma industry, Big Data pioneers are forging ahead into a new world of unexplored and untapped potential. The excitement is palpable, the opportunities tangible and the impact truly dramatic. Big Dip 2013 will, for the first time, gather those heading Big Data strategy at top tier pharma to debate the fastest way to put these programs into practice. Leave this meeting with your complete blueprint for success. That’s everything you need to know to nail the strategy, nurture the culture and access the goldmine of latent information trapped in raw data. In this pre-competitive forum, you’ll learn from the shared experiences of other pharma, biotech & technology innovators who are breaking new ground. Across just 2 days, 50 experts will show you how the right approaches can lead to farreaching results in marketing, pricing, safety and effectiveness studies. This is the meeting you’ve been waiting for. Across 3 unique streams you can learn the essential elements you will need to master in order to develop your robust Big Data strategy. Covering the most important issues to be coming out of the industry right now, the custom format allows you to attend just the sessions that matter to you to create your perfect learning experience.

At Big Dip 2013

* Create a robust Big Data strategy: Be the first to hear the much anticipated Big Data strategies being devised by the leading pharma companies
* Foster an information culture: Break down information silos to ensure data access and integration
* Gain fresh clinical and operational insights: Introduce pioneering new analytical techniques to existing silos of provider, payer and life sciences data
* Get superior brand & customer insights: Harness the use of untapped data sources such as social media
* Revolutionize post market safety and drug effectiveness studies: Leverage real world data in real time
* Optimize data storage, transfer and management: Evaluate the most innovative platforms and determine which system is right for your business
* Optimize your evidence generation: Demonstrate real value in your comparative effectiveness and health economics studies

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