AI & Automation Are Key to Digital Transformations

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While nearly all IT and business decision-makers believe automation plays a critical role in ongoing digital transformation efforts, most admit that they haven’t made enough progress in this area, according to a recent survey from Infosys. The resulting report, “Human Amplification in the Enterprise: Automation. Innovation. Learning,” indicates that liberating employees from mundane tasks allows more opportunity for experimentation and innovation. Increased automation would encourage this, as would greater deployment of artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, most of the survey respondents said AI makes processes more real-time and efficient, enabling workers to focus on more creative activities. Progress toward a fully realized digital transformation, however, isn’t simply about technology. Survey respondents said lifelong learning at their organization is essential, especially as their company struggles to keep employees with highly sought skill sets. “An overwhelming majority of organizations are already undergoing full-cycle digital transformation with the automation of tasks at the center of their collective initiatives,” according to the report. “This means that, in the future, an organization’s competitiveness will be measured in terms of how well its employees are able to do those tasks that automation cannot do—the tasks that involve human curiosity, creativity, and hunger to learn and grow. This also means those enterprises that are highly invested in lifelong learning for their employees—to nurture all that is uniquely human in them—will be the ones that have a workforce better suited to capitalize on the future of business.” 1,070 U.S. IT and business decision-makers took part in the research.