7 Ways to Stay Top-of-Mind When It’s Time to Choose Who Gets Promoted

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Staying stagnant in any career is not ideal. Have you noticed that once you have reached and found success at your current level that you naturally become curious about what is next? It is human nature to strive for more. To ensure you get that promotion, commit to following your desires to reach those next levels on your career path. Let being promoted be a goal you set within yourself to further your career, your personal development and your reputation. Good news is, being promoted is largely under your own power. If you want to expand your role in your career, then there are certain things you must do to show you are worthy.

1. Have a great attitude.

Attitude is the necessary x-factor in advancing your career. Live from a place of inspiration, excitement and hope. This type of attitude gives you the strength to never give up, no matter the challenges you face. It allows you to look at failures as blessings in disguise. Having a great attitude shows you believe in your abilities. Emotions are contagious; when you believe in your abilities everyone around you will believe in your abilities as well. Your belief in yourself not only impacts you, and the way you look at the world, but more importantly it affects your environment and the people around you.

What stands out about any person the most is their attitude. You get noticed when you are focused on solutions, rather than problems. Let every cell of your body express the belief that you expect success and not failure. Being focused in this way helps you see, recognize and seize opportunities others may not.

2. Keep your boss in the loop.

Pay attention to what your boss deems as important and do all you can to achieve in those specific areas in ways that are tangible to your boss. Let your boss know what you’re doing by copying him/her on emails and/or provide your boss with weekly updates on your progress. It is up to you to make yourself visible; allowing your boss to repeatedly have a direct window into the value you add to the company.

Avoid complaining to your boss about work frustrations. Let your hard work prove that you solve your frustrations by fixing problems. You cannot wait for a promotion to show up simply because you know you’re doing your work. You want to perform in ways that your hard work makes your boss’s job less stressful. The whole point of making yourself visible is to make your boss’s job easier not harder.

3. Ask for regular feedback.

A great way to get noticed is to ask for regular feedback. Find a management or executive level mentor. Ask to meet with this person on a monthly or quarterly basis to review your progress. This allows you to receive the guidance necessary on how to approach the next steps in your career and how to navigate company politics as you change roles. In asking for feedback you are taking initiative and making yourself visible, two things which will help you get promoted.

4. Set the standard for excellence at work.

Do your job. Work hard and let your success do the talking. What every boss wants to see is someone who will work hard, meet their quotas without complaint and perform to the best of their ability. When you’re working hard you will get noticed. There is no easy way into a promotion. Your hard work, commitment, good attitude and overall energy to show up for work ready to chase and close deals is what gets you moving up to those next levels.

There is nothing more rewarding than recognition, so perform to the very best of your ability and a promotion will be nearly guaranteed. Further, don’t just do your job.  It’s a huge mistake to think you can do the baseline of what is expected of you and still get promoted. This is a form of arrogance. Be the person who is willing to go the extra mile whenever asked.

5. Treat others with respect.

It goes without saying that you should present a pleasant and positive image to those you work with, for and around. No one wants to be known as the office whiner. Be mindful not to gossip around or about your colleagues, especially those whom you don’t enjoy working with. There are many times that the person you can’t stand will be the person promoted and end up being your boss. This happens all the time in the corporate world, so be mindful to keep your mouth shut and your attitude adaptable to those personalities you find challenging to deal with.

It shows great character to know that if you cannot say anything nice that it is most wise not to say anything at all. It is human nature to talk about co-workers and bosses now and again, so make sure to save your irritations and times to vent for those who work outside of your company. You are likely to get more support and better advice from those not in your same work environment anyway.  

6. Innovate to solve problems.

Show your boss and other top executives that your mind is always in motion. Initiate new ideas and pitch them in a manner which demonstrates you’re not just thinking of yourself. Show that your ideas and goals hold the advancement of the company’s bigger picture in mind. This goes a long way when the ideas you present to upper management prove to help your company secure their longer-term prospects.

Whenever you are innovative you show that you are willing to take risks, which goes a long way when trying to secure a promotion. Innovation makes it clear that you’re comfortable with change and can adapt and think on your feet in novel environments. This proves to those in upper management that you will be able to handle the new challenges and responsibilities required when upgrading into your new role.

7. Look for opportunities to build your reputation.

Get involved with projects in other departments. This can expedite your chances for promotion as well. Getting involved like this increases your skill set, makes you more marketable and gives you the opportunity to work with new people. Expanding yourself, and experimenting with new things makes your job more fun. Another great way to get involved is to ask to be a mentor to a newly hired employee. The more people in the company who know you and respect your work, the greater the chance they will recommend you for a big new project, or a future promotion.

All in all life and career demand your full engagement with your true self and your ambitions. When you align with your goals, and are willing to do the work it takes to fulfill them, you become someone people want as an integral part of their company. The commitment you have to your own advancement is one that will not allow you to skirt around challenges or to avoid struggle. Always strive for growth and do all you can to secure a promotion to that next level. You must never allow yourself to live feeling as if you’re never noticed. It’s up to you to get noticed. Never settle for the half-lived life.