5 Remarkable Things Eating Healthy Does for You (It’s All Good)

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We all know that we should do our best to keep our bodies healthy. A lot of us follow health tips on the internet, engage in more-or-less regular exercise, and aim to consume at least one vegetable a meal–if not more. Yet, have you ever wondered exactly what eating healthy does for the human body?

Chances are, you’re not the only one. Although many people know on an abstract level how eating healthy changes our health, very few people know the concrete benefits of consuming more fruits and vegetables every single day.

Here are 5 specific benefits of eating healthy.

1. Improves your mood

If you find your feelings erratically jumping all over the place, it might not be just your hormones–it could likely be what you’re eating. When you eat well, it’s much more likely that you’ll feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally. Consuming vegetables and unprocessed foods also decreases your daily consumption of artificial hormones–a health kick you’ll definitely notice.

2. Controls your weight

While this might be the most obvious benefit of eating healthy, few people truly understand how much our daily food intake affects our overall long-term weight maintenance. Watching what you eat–and how much you consume–at every meal can play a huge role in reducing unhealthy weight gain, something many of us continue to struggle with.

3. Fights disease

Reducing intake of red meats has been historically shown to reduce risk of heart disease, just like reducing fat consumption is correlated with decreased bad cholesterol levels. Certain brain foods may also combat the chance of developing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s at an elderly age. Eat well, and you’ll live better longer.

4. Boosts daily energy

If we make the effort to choose protein over highly refined sugars or carbohydrates, we’ll definitely have more energy later in the day–rather than simply crashing and burning a couple hours later. Fight your tiredness with better eating. You’ll feel the difference immediately.

5. Boosts your confidence

Being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and regimen should be a point of confidence for those who keep it up, even when the going gets tough. Know that, if you have the self-control to keep eating healthy, you can do anything–and apply that mindset to every part of your life.