The Best Innovation Conferences You Can Still Attend in 2016

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there are nearly 300 innovation-related events taking place around the globe each year that should be on your radar. Many are still on the calendar and registration is open! Don’t end the year without attending one of these game-changing innovation events.

Conferences are outstanding ways to experience new things, push the boundaries of your comfort zone and have life-changing conversations. They are also the best places to learn new tools, resources and best practices.

If you haven’t attended a conference yet this year, I recommend one of these remaining events. Some of theme are well-known, some may be unexpected. All of them will leave you inspired and prepared to continue down a path of successful innovation. And you never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn.

Here are the top innovation-related conferences remaining in 2016, listed chronologically:


When: September 23-25

Where: St. Louis, MO (USA)

The Murmuration Festival is a 3-day event that explores the intersection of art, music, science, and tech. They invite innovators, scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs to engage the public and share their work.


When: September 25-29

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

DLD Tel Aviv is Israel’s largest hi-tech conference. Taking place at the beautifully restored Tachana Compound, it brings together hundreds of start ups, VC’s, angel investors and industry leaders in an unexpected way to create potent output for the digital space.


When: October 5-7

Where: Toronto, Canada

Trend Hunter’s Future Festival is specifically designed to be the world’s best innovation conference — a place for the world’s top consumer insight and innovation leaders to prototype their future.


When: October 13

Where: Indianapolis, IN (USA)

Day of Innovation is one of the Midwest’s best innovation events. The full day conference brings together leaders and practitioners from all sectors and backgrounds. Connect with like-minded innovators for inspiring keynotes, hands-on workshops, presentations and networking.


When: October 17-23

Where: Chicago, IL (USA)

One of the world’s largest idea festivals. Chicago Ideas Week is a movement built on one core belief: When a broad spectrum of thinkers and instigators share ideas, we have the power to transform our world.


When: October 19-20

Where: CINO Asia (Hong Kong) and CINO EU (London)

Innovation Enterprise’s Chief Innovation Office Summits bring together innovation leaders from the world’s most reputable companies. CINO Asia and CINO Europe will happen simultaneously in October.


When: October 31 – November 4

Where: New York, NY (USA)

This fall, The Fast Company Innovation Festival will bring extraordinary personalities together for surprising talks, hands-on workshops, unexpected performances and behind-the-scenes tours designed to inspire creativity and innovation.


When: November 4

Where: Sonoma County, CA (USA)

Harvest Summit is an exclusive gathering of innovators, influencers and tastemakers joined by award-winning chefs, winemakers and artisans to think, talk and celebrate the art, science and social impact of innovation.


When: November 7-9

Where: Melbourne, Australia

Creative Innovation will feature 40+ global leaders, innovators, thinkers and deliver world class ideas and pragmatic solutions. The event offers forecasts, strategies and practices to help transform you and your organisations.


When: November 7-10

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Europe’s largest technology marketplace. This year more than 50,000 CEOs, founders, startups, investors and political leaders driving change across the world are coming together in Lisbon for Web Summit. They’ll be looking for answers to the questions posed by the tech revolution we’re living through.


When: November 15-17

Where: New Orleans, LA (USA)

Where innovation meets implementation. The Back End of Innovation provides a strategic road map to successful commercialization. Join innovation executives, managers and marketing leaders to share challenges, lessons learned, and best practices.


When: various

Where: various

NewCo identifies, celebrates and connects the engines of positive change in society. Best described as city-wide innovation openhouses, NewCo’s Festivals offer a chance to connect with innovators and changemakers across the globe. Remaining festivals for 2016 include: Barcelona, Boulder, Istanbul, Mexico City and Toronto.