Why Innovation Is Moving Off-Premise

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 The majority of organizations are significantly stepping up hybrid cloud initiatives—moving beyond what was once described as “solid planning” for adoption into highly coordinated, fully integrated migration initiatives, according to a recent survey from IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV). The survey report, titled “Tailoring Hybrid Cloud: Designing the Right Mix for Innovation, Efficiency and Growth,” indicates that companies are already seeing results: Thanks to the cloud, they’re creating and supporting new business models, while expanding into new industries. They’re also discovering new revenue sources. That said, they’re not ready to go “all in” either, as they expect a significant share of workloads to remain on-premise for the immediate future. To expand cloud deployment further, IT will need to work with business leaders to address concerns about security, costs and the potential for operational disruptions. “(The) cloud can be the centerpiece of an overall organizational transformation,” according to the report. “Potential business impacts—and the associated financial implications—need ongoing scrutiny. During each stage of cloud adoption, combine the insights of business and IT. A tailor-made environment for your organization will be possible when IT employees truly understand what the business needs and LOB employees know what technologies/IT can do for them.” More than 1,000 global C-level execs took part in the research.