Using Automation to Deal With Breaches

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Most enterprises are not responding effectively to security breaches and, as a result, they face a rising risk to their financial performance, operational continuity and reputation, according to a recent study, “The Global CISO Study: How Leading Organizations Respond to Security Threats and Keep Data Safe,” commissioned by workflow software provider ServiceNow and conducted by Oxford Economics. Only 19 percent of security executives surveyed said their company is highly effective at preventing breaches. They face three major vulnerabilities: difficulty in prioritizing security alerts, manual processes that are barriers to effective security, and difficulty attracting and up-skilling security talent. The report also focuses on steps organizations are taking to enhance security, such as automating routine processes. “Automating and orchestrating security response is the missing link for CISOs to radically increase the effectiveness of their security programs,” said Sean Convery, general manager, Security Business Unit, ServiceNow. The report is based on responses from 300 CISOs from Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.