The Entrepreneur’s Tactical Guide to Building a Billion-Dollar Network

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Relationships can change your game and your life, literally overnight. The benefits of a thriving network are truly countless.

At the outset, building valuable relationships with successful individuals shifts your perspective to open up a whole new world and a brand new you. Additionally, when you associate with millionaires and billionaires, these powerful individuals teach you the importance of having high standards for yourself and those around you. Immersing yourself in this type of environment helps you to grow and succeed at an accelerated rate.

Overall, a powerful network enables you to play the game of life on your own terms, which will drastically help to accelerate your business while instantaneously accentuating your value.

Mark Lack knows exactly how powerful and important relationships are in business. He credits his network as a massive contributing factor in achieving success faster than most entrepreneurs his age.

Lack is a successful 26-year-old entrepreneur and a best-selling author with a billion-dollar network. He achieved staggering levels of success at a young age as a world-wide paintball professional, travelling the globe and sourcing top sponsors to invest in him. This experience taught him that building a billion-dollar network is entirely possible. Start building your billion-dollar network by using these six tactical steps.

1. Write down your dream list.

Foremost, write down your dream list of the 100 most inspirational people to you — those you dream about meeting every single day. Think about the following points when writing down your dream list: who do you feel the most connected to? Who inspires you daily? Identify any common ground you may have.

Everyone always wants something in life. Regardless of how rich, well-connected or famous a person is, you could be the person who helps him or her get what they want. Find out what those people on your list want and make it happen. This is how new doors open that ultimately lead you down the right hallway to helping you achieve your most ambitious goals.

2. Determine your motive.

Your dream list does not mean allowing yourself to lose your head! Most people want to connect with successful people because they are rich and famous. Do not be like most people. Having an impactful motive for each person on your list will help move you forward to accomplishing your dreams and goals. Be strategic when formulating each motive.

If you are serious about building a powerful network, you need to play your part and be willing to give rather than take. Seriously consider what value can you bring this person, list the ways in which you could genuinely help this person and determine who in your industry you could develop a partnership with.

Generosity, charity and a little due diligence will go along way here.

3. Make it happen.

 Those entrepreneurs who are keen to execute and fast to implement come out on top every time. This step separates the successful entrepreneurs from the rest of the pack.

Do your research to identify where you can connect with those on your dream list. There is an infinite number of ways to connect but start by talking to other entrepreneurs, researching the internet and all other sources available, attending events and conferences, and signing up for webinars and masterminds. Don’t just participate in these activities. Be the leader and trailblazer where possible to maximize your returns.

In short, do whatever you can to locate the environments your dream list regularly visit or hang out in and leverage that knowledge.

4. It’s not about you!

Listening is paramount for this step. The biggest mistake upcoming entrepreneurs make is babbling to their idol and talking about themselves.

If you are going to connect with the world’s best, do not say a single word about yourself unless asked.

When connecting with powerful people, speak from your heart and be sure to come from an authentic place all while being confident, honest and open.

5. Be strategic and succinct.

Remember, you have a small window of time with these people. It is key you build rapport quickly and get straight to the point.

Make them feel good about themselves. Be sure you know their story and facts about their life. Lack talked about Darren Hardy’s book and how much he loved it when connecting with Hardy. Start with common ground and use your attention seeking opening line, make sure it is one that cannot be ignored — a compliment is hard to ignore, even for the most successful individual.

Another great way to build rapport is to mention friends or business associates who are already friends with them. Lack did exactly that when he met Hardy, who started Success Magazine. This goes back to the principle of finding common ground and letting this connection, regardless of its size, help grow your conversation and ultimately your relationship.

6. Stay intentional to lift your game.

This is the defining moment, the moment in which you tell the person how can you add value, offer a multitude of benefits, introduce them to someone essential for them or propose the possibility of working together. Be clear and explain exactly how both of you will benefit from what you are proposing. You must be concise and precise and, most importantly, you must be adding value for that individual.

Building relationships does take time, however, if you are clear about your intentions and genuine in your approach, you will quickly learn the importance and value of building and maintaining a powerful network.

Success doesn’t respond to your wants or needs, it responds to what you deserve.

The entrepreneurial journey is all about who you become. To stay ahead of the game and move your business ahead in leaps and bounds requires you to grind and hustle like never before.

How bad do you want it? What are your prepared to give, and most importantly, when will you start? To change your world, you have to start by changing your self and becoming bigger and better than yesterday. This can be accomplished by building and cultivating a billion-dollar network.