The 7 Positive Habits That Pay Off the Most

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Start the day off strong and positive by reaffirming what you want.

What are the highest compounding life habits? 


  • Working on everything you want 1 hour a day. The only way to develop any skill far enough to make a lot of money on it. Everyone can spend an hour a day on this. Focus on one skill and become so great at it you can ask for money.

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  • Producing things now. If you are not producing anything, start to. Write a blog, produce YouTube videos, or make a program. The earlier you start, the more experience you can collect while marketing your brand. By the time your brand name becomes big, you will be good enough to sell something of amazing value.
  • Affirmations. Start the day off strong and positive by reaffirming what you want. Affirm yourself and affirm the fact that you WILL get what you want. Before long you will actually believe it to be a fact, which is a powerful belief that will benefit you more than you know.
  • Reading as many books as you can. Every book has the potential to have a million-dollar secret. Reading as many as you can not only increases the chance of finding such a secret, but it will give you more knowledge to use to make your own as well. (Reminder: CEOs read over 60 books a year on average.)
  • Investing in yourself. Invest in the only thing that lasts. No matter what happens to you, you will still be there. During a recession, depression, at the startup of your company, and when you are bankrupt, the only thing that lasts through all of that are your skills. Invest in yourself. Buy books, visit events, get a coach, and learn as much as you possibly can.
  • Being brave. Be courageous, brave, and bold. Ask people for exactly what you want. You will get what you want more often than you think, but you have to ask for it. Be brave enough to ask for what you want, be courageous enough to go for exactly what you want, and be bold enough to do the things that are necessary.
  • Connecting with more people.
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  • The more connections you have, the more experts will be in your space. These are all people you can learn from and who can show you opportunities where you’ve not seen any. Get more amazing people around you and your life will become equally as amazing.