Many Businesses Are Moving IT Back in House

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While a majority of organizations employ third-party service providers for some IT needs, a significant number of them plan to increase their use of in-house IT services in 2017, according to a recent survey from Clutch. The accompanying report, “IT Services for the Enterprise: Sourcing Decisions,” indicates that there’s plenty of room for both internal and outside parties to play a role. However, when selecting a service partner, many companies prefer to work with firms that are based domestically. As a result, they benefit from better quality of service, communications and expertise, according to the findings. When dealing with offshore partners, on the other hand, companies may encounter challenges in the form of communications and security concerns. “It is clear that IT services are valued at a premium in the enterprise, particularly those [affecting] mobility and data management,” the report states. “Given the importance of IT, the issue of who to trust to address IT services needs now qualifies as a major concern and strategic initiative among enterprise decision-makers.” More than 580 enterprise IT leaders and other decision-makers took part in the research.