Insider Threats Make Businesses Vulnerable

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An increasing majority of managers feel their company is more vulnerable to insider threats compared to last year, according to a new survey. Seventy-four percent of respondents to Haystax Technology’s “Insider Attacks Industry Survey” feel exposed to threats from employees, a dramatic seven-point increase since the 2015 survey. Haystax, a security and analytics firm, and Crowd Research Partners conducted the crowd-based survey on 300,000 members of LinkedIn’s Information Security Community. Thirty-nine percent of respondents are specialists, managers or supervisors; 13 percent are consultants; 22 percent are CEOs, presidents or directors; 7 percent are C-suite executives; 2 percent are vice presidents; and 16 percent have other positions. “The survey makes clear that most security professionals see insider threats as a persistent challenge,” said Bryan Ware, Haystax CEO. “They believe better organization policy and more sources are the key to efficiently managing the problem, and that increased use of analytics is an effective deterrent against insider threats.”