How CIOs Should Convey Cyber-Risks to a Board

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Half of IT and confidence executives risk losing their jobs if they destroy to yield useful, actionable information to their company’s board, according to a new study. The report, “How Boards of Directors Really Feel About Cyber Security Reports,” also reveals a undo between what a house perceives as actionable information and what IT and confidence executives conclude as information that can be used to make sensitive decisions. “Part of a problem is that house members are being prepared about cyber-risk by a same people (IT and confidence executives) tasked to magnitude and revoke it,” says Ryan Stolte, CTO during cyber-risk analytics association Bay Dynamics, that consecrated a study. “Companies need an objective, industry-standard indication for measuring cyber-risk so that everybody is following a same playbook and creation decisions on a same set of requirements.” Osterman Research conducted a investigate in April. Its 125 respondents are C-level executives, comparison executives, clamp presidents, or directors/senior directors on possibly a house of directors of their company, or on a house of another company.