How CIOs Can Drive Business Growth

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While many CIOs demeanour brazen to a event to use tech to assistance a business strategically, several obstacles are removing in a way, according to a new survey. The infancy of surveyed CIOs suggested doubts in their ability to yield wise new IT services to expostulate business growth.

The Brocade report, “Global CIO Study 2015: Taking Up a Task of Business Transformation,” indicates even some-more CIOs doubt possibly they are removing a many that they can out of analytics and information mining.

The news also shows employees are formulating some-more hurdles for CIOs with their ardour for accessing countless apps from mixed devices.

For CIOs to overcome all of this, they contingency take advantage of what’s called a “new IP,” an enabler that accelerates business expansion by innovation-centric, software-enabled networking.

“The purpose of IT is changing from being an director of infrastructure to apropos an enabler of a business–driving creation and new ways of operative to change patron rendezvous and transactional processes,” pronounced Ken Cheng, CTO and comparison clamp boss of corporate expansion and rising business for Brocade.

“More than ever, a CIO has a vicious purpose in advising a house and comparison government on vital business investments. But bequest infrastructure stays a vital roadblock, prohibiting business lively and innovation. The new IP offers a approach of addressing this, enabling business objectives to be met.”

Other concerns of CIOs, according to a report:

* Nearly two-thirds are endangered about inner communications and partnership efforts.

*40% worry about selecting a right vendors to support a transformative business strategy.

* More than one-third pronounced that cloud adoption but IT impasse isn’t allowed–but that it possibly does or might happen.

*79% doubt possibly they’ll be means to support a smoothness of new services to coax business growth.

Patrick K. Burke is comparison editor of CIO Insight.