8 Core Principles Powerful Leaders Use to Achieve Greatness

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Some principles never fail. I wanted to revisit the eight core principles I’ve learned from the past 10 years of journeying on this path to greatness.

It’s been a year and a half since I published my first book, taking the best principles from the hundreds of interviews I’ve done with guests on the podcast. And I still use them constantly.

I’m taking today’s solo round episode as an opportunity to check in on how I’m living according to these principles, and figure out what I can be doing better.

Here’s the truth: Principles are just words on paper. If we don’t actually take consistent action to live by them, they can’t create results for us.

My whole purpose with this podcast, my books, courses, speaking — really everything I do — is to support you in becoming the greatest version of yourself.

And that means you taking action in your own life.

So do a check-in with yourself as we go through these eight principles and see if you are living by them in Episode 496, a solo round.

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