7 Qualities Of Leaders With Great Charisma (Anyone Can Master These)

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It’s no secret that charismatic leaders get ahead personally and professionally in life.

That’s because charismatic leaders have learned how to influence and impact their surroundings. They use charisma to help bring about change, devotion, and loyalty. They’ve learned to use charisma with everyone person, and every situation, they encounter.

Sadly, most people feel you either have charisma, or you don’t. That it’s something you are born with, or not. That if you try to gain charisma, you’re fake.

But science tells us a different story (See: Can Charisma be Taught? Tests of Two Interventions).

Researchers say charisma is nothing more than using emotions and ideology to inspire – instead of what most people do: Coerce and bribe. Charisma is about being an effective communicator.

They continue that charisma is about leveraging emotions and ideology to project strength and confidence to those you lead. Charisma is about delivering messages that connect.

Still feeling that learning about charisma is insincere?

Think about it this way: Thousands of people enroll in public speaking courses every year hoping to improve the way they sound in front of an audience. Why not spend some time and effort learning how to have impact on an audience (be it one or many)?

Isn’t that why we’re leading and communicating in the first place?

Mastering charisma shouldn’t take long. Science says there are only 7 verbal and non-verbal traits to worry about. Traits that will determine how charismatic you’re perceived.

Trait 1: Use Stories and Antidotes When Conveying Messages

Stories and antidotes will make your messages easier to understanding and remember.

Trait 2: Show Moral Conviction When Sharing Messages

Put another way, stand up and commit to doing the right thing, always.

Trait 3: Weave Subject Matter Expertise Into Messages

Charisma depends on competence. Know your stuff an increase your charisma. Period.

Trait 4: Set High Expectations When Delivering Messages

Charismatic people believe and dream big. This acts as a catalyst for others.

Trait 5: Vocalize Confidence In Your Messages

Your confidence will help others believe and persevere through the tough times.

Trait 6: Use Lists and Rhetorical Questions In Messages

Lists and questions signal a completeness of thought. It says you’ve thought things through.

Trait 7: Use Body Gestures, Facial Expressions, and Voice Inflection

Charismatic people are masters at transferring their emotional states while speaking. Master these three and you will become one too.