5 Ways You Can Use Procrastination To Your Advantage

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As far as procrastinating goes, we are all guilty. College students, scientists, and even CEOs are all prone to procrastinating sometimes. Even entrepreneurs…even the successful ones.

Sometimes it is a big client presentation, other times it is an investor pitch that you are dreading. It’s could also be a mountain of paperwork. An hour away from the deadline, you could be doing anything but getting it done—you turn to social media, chat with your colleagues, organize your folders or even change your screensaver.

Whether you suffer from chronic procrastination, or you are going through a phase where you so much on your plate that you lost focus, there are ways to turn this weakness into a strength and use it to your advantage.

Procrastinating doesn’t mean that work not is being done: Procrastinators often fill their time with marginally useful tasks. They also have short bouts of energy and focus, and  these two points serve as the key elements of using procrastination to your benefit.

Narrow Down your to-do list

Most procrastinators tend to put off work when they have a long to-do list. They find themselves overwhelmed with a huge amount of work- from minor tasks to massive projects. So, use your procrastination skills to prioritize your workload and focus on the tasks that are more appealing to you and have more urgent deadlines.

Leverage those bouts of energy

As early birds or night owls, each of us has a period in the day where we experience a surge of energy, and we can get a day work’s done in a limited period of time. Tend to the least desirable tasks during this phase. You will find yourself crossing off many items off your to-do list.

Deadlines are you friend

As your deadlines are approaching, you will find yourself filled with a sense of impending doom. Anxiety, stress, and fear are the most associated feelings with deadlines. However, deadlines can also be a source of positive energy. The idea of missing your target date will trigger your productivity and help you get the job done.

Get those other things done

There is always one task that is more daunting than others, so you choose to put a pin in it. This is your chance to channel your energy to other pending minor tasks, Instead of turning to social media or blankly staring at your screen, answer a few pending emails; return a client’s call; or get through that two-month overdue paperwork. This way, you are scratching out minor tasks and making way for the important tasks.

Have fun

Most entrepreneurs are guilty of choosing work over play. However, having a healthy work-life balance is the key to increased productivity. Working long hours might make you feel like you are committed to your startup. But, it can also cause you to burn out,  lose your focus, and eventually fall prey to procrastinating. Make sure you take some time off. When you’re not working on a big project or are up against a tight deadline, take a short break from the grind. Give yourself a chance to recharge so you can face the next project head-on.