4 Easy Steps to Increase Sales Through LinkedIn

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You’re personal brand’s website is an important tool where meaningful connections can be created. In order to establish yourself as an expert in your field you need great content and a strong social network like LinkedIn to share that with.

How can your personal brand attract more leads and sales? It all starts with daily activity and meaningful engagement. LinkedIn is one of the top online networking tools that allows you to connect with influencers and potential customers.

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In today’s mobile economy it’s all about standing out with your target market, and nurturing relationships with an authentic approach. Here are some ways your personal brand can begin attracting great connections on LinkedIn for more leads, sales and opportunities.

Building a profitable network on LinkedIn

The first place to start building your brand is through an updated, and professional profile that attracts new connections. As you join and interact with professional groups and share content your company will start to experience real growth with these strategies:

  • Begin with an advertising plan — Even if this is not in your budget yet create a future strategy where you can take advantage of paid advertising on LinkedIn. Their features help you go well beyond just InMail communication and helps you build leads a lot faster than organic growth.
  • Keep in touch with your network — Once your brand has made some solid connections it’s time to nurture them with updates, new information, a special event, etc. Use InMail to reach out to individuals with a non-sales approach in order to provide helpful information that offers a solution to their problem(s).
  • Stay active in groups — Your personal brand can make new connections from joining and contributing to professional groups. Members and commenters have issues that you can help solve. This is also a place where you can share helpful industry articles and news. Just remember that self promotion is generally not tolerated in many groups as it is all about building relationships where people can help each other.
  • Post something each day — This could include a re-purposed article from your blog on LinkedIn Publisher, or sharing a post from your website. With a catchy headline and description your brand can attract comments and feedback that can help you lead them directly to your products or services on your website.

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As social sales become more prominent online your personal brand has the great opportunity to build genuine and trusted relationships who will become customers on LinkedIn. Check in daily throughout each week and stay in touch with your network in order to attract the most interested prospects.